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Anand Kumar takes charge as chairman of Visakha Dairy

Adari Anand Kumar was appointed as chairman of Visakha Dairy here on Thursday. The decision was made in the dairy’s board of directors meeting. Senior director Reddy Ramakrishna proposed the name of Adari Anand Kumar as the next chairman of the dairy, while the board and other directors unanimously approved his name.

It may be recalled that former Chairman of Visakha Dairy Adari Tulasi Rao passed away on January 4. Serving as the Chairman for 36 years, he worked hard for the development of the dairy and for the betterment of two lakh dairy farmers across Andhra Pradesh.

The firm currently has a daily milk collection and sale of 8.5 lakh litres and a turnover of Rs 1,500 crore. During the meeting, board of directors and members paid tributes to Tulasi Rao by recalling his valuable contribution to the society and the dairy sector. Managing Director of the organisation S V Ramana congratulated the newly appointed chairman Anand Kumar.

Speaking on the occasion, Anand Kumar said he will work hard to take the dairy to the next level. Further, he said top priority would be given to the health and welfare of the dairy farmers, besides providing quality milk and milk products to the consumers, he added. Directors, officers of Visakha Dairy participated in the programme.

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