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Amul to hike its ghee price by Rs 30 per kg

At present, a one kilogram pouch of Amul Ghee and Sagar Ghee in Ahmedabad is selling at Rs 530, while private brands such as Gowardhan is selling the same pouch at Rs 699.

In a fortnight, a kilogram of Amul Ghee will cost Rs 30 more across India, after the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) took a decision in this regard.

“We are raising the prices of both Amul and Sagar brands of ghee. It will increase by Rs 30 per kilogram. The new prices will applicable on new stocks that will come into the market in the next 15-20 days. Ghee is an all India product, so the price rise will he applicable across the country,” RS Sodhi, managing director of GCMMF, told The Indian Express.

“Everything is becoming expensive. The prices of milk have also risen. Our ghee is now Rs 70-80 cheaper than the private brands and other cooperatives in the market. The demand for ghee has also risen,” Sodhi added. The GCMMF is in the process of printing new prices on its fresh stocks that are yet to hit the market.

At present, a one kilogram pouch of Amul Ghee and Sagar Ghee in Ahmedabad is selling at Rs 530, while private brands such as Gowardhan is selling the same pouch at Rs 699. “Though there are multiple players in Gujarat, Amul occupies 70 per cent of the ghee market in Gujarat alone,” Sodhi said. While Amul ghee is available across India, Sagar ghee is available in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Goa.

Retailers in Ahmedabad pointed out that fresh stocks ghee has stopped coming since last couple of weeks. “I have only two pouches of Amul Ghee left. The fresh stocks, whenever it comes, will be expensive as they will carry new price tag,” said a retailer in South Bopal area of Ahmedabad. The GCMMF earlier raised prices of ghee in August this year.

In 2022, GCMMF increased prices of milk three times. The previous hike of Rs 2 per litre on October 15 was enforced in all markets, except in Gujarat. In 2021-’22, GCMMF’s ghee business clocked a 17 per cent growth.

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