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Amul the real taste of India forces Twitter to step back

Amul  topical is the pulse of India . In Management classes we use to learn on how our day started with multinational brands like Gillette, Colgate and Lux in personal care, citizen watches in the men’s closet but the moment an India reached his breakfast table, it was Amul butter all the way. Today there is no dearth of Indian brands in all the categories and the campaign of taste of India led by Amul is making the country not only Atma Nirbhar in talks but in all walks of life also. A slight technical snag at twitter on the recent topical of Amul showing the way out to the Dragon in the wake of Vocal for local , led to 88000 likes and 45000 retweets. The netizens of India also made the hash tag #BoycottTwitter  initiated at a global level. The topical on June 3rd showed the Amul girl showing a tricolor placard and saying Exit the dragon with China’s flag shown in dragon’s hand. Logo of Chinese app tiktok was also shown in the background and the intrinsic message was Amul made in India. As we know Amul has been a local multinational for a long time

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