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Amul takes a comical detour in new ads; asks you to ‘be more milk’

The brand has unveiled two TVCs, both drawing peculiar parallels between milk, honesty, and comfort.

Amul is asking you to be more milk. What does that even mean? The brand’s new campaign, titled ‘Be More Milk’, is drawing circles around milk, honesty, and comfort.


In a pair of ad films, Amul has ingeniously explored the nuances of human behaviour. In the first TVC, a man navigating the tumultuous waters of a breakup is hilariously comforted by a friend, who, armed with Amul’s ‘Be More Comforting’ ethos, enlightens him about another potential romantic pursuit. The scene is as heartwarming as it is comical, showcasing the power of genuine, reassuring connections.


The second TVC, which is equally uproarious, delves into the labyrinth of workplace excuses. A man caught in the web of concocted alibis finally succumbs to honesty, confessing he merely chose to stay home. This playful revelation, infused with Amul’s ‘Be More Honest’ mantra, highlights the liberation found in truthful simplicity.


Adding a star-studded touch to the campaign, Amul has partnered with the talented cast of Fukrey 3. In an ad promo that exudes cinematic flair, the film’s protagonists are seen riding the campaign’s tagline, seamlessly merging the worlds of cinema and dairy, converging in a cross-promotional expo.

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