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Amul sells 10,000 lpd of fresh milk and 2000 lpd of yogurt in Kashmir valley

Amul India, a cooperative, which has 3.6 million dairy farmers associated with them, has successfully made inroads in the valley. The cooperative set up its dairy products plant last year, and a year later the products reach almost all districts, towns and city in the valley.An official told rising Kashmir, “Since past 10 months, we have reached a big milestone. Our dairy products have reached everywhere across the valley, from Kupwara in the north to Banihal tunnel in the south”.“

When we saw the demand of our products increasing as people in Kashmir consume more products of Amul every day, our management decided to set up its branch in Kashmir valley. It was in 2013 we set up our first branch in the valley in Srinagar’s Nowgam area and it was in November 2020, we started packaging of our dairy products at Cheshmashahi milk plant”, the official said.

Cheshmashahi milk plant is laced with modern machinery, where dairy products like fresh milk and yogurt cups are packed in hygienic manner.At present the cooperative sells fresh milk in three variants which includes toned milk, standard milk, and double toned milk. It also sells yogurt cups.

The toned milk includes 3% fat, standard milk has 4.55% of fat and double toned milk has 1.5% fat.“On an average Amul India sells 10,000 liters of fresh milk and 2000 kilogram yogurt per day in the valley. We sell only packed dairy products and in Kashmir valley as the yogurt demand is high, we have been providing quality yogurt,” said, one of the officials.

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