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Amul liberates dairy farmers from shackles of reproductive failures on this independence day

Amul Dairy has decided to digitise the artificial insemination service in its operational area. It was initiated on an experimental basis in the year 2019 in 25 village milk producer societies . This was monitored and studied for one year.

Digitisation of artificial insemination provides instant service to the milk producers. The information of milch cattle is also stored and analysed in the mobile software system. Artificial insemination is a proven scientific method for improving genetics of animals.

After getting appreciable functional and operational results, all the 1,200 village level milk producer societies of Amul Dairy milkshed area have been covered under digitalisation. More information about this initiative shared by Amit Vyas, Managing Director, Amul Dairy, Anand.

Now a call center for cow insemination

On registration in Amul call centre for AI, an automatic message is sent to the milk producer. It is also sent to the artificial insemination technician of the milk society through mobile.

The artificial insemination technician immediately reaches the milk producer’s house . He performs the artificial insemination and updates all the information in the mobile on the spot. The message of artificial insemination completion is received at Amul call-centre and milk producer. Pregnancy diagnosis is done after 2.5 month for which artificial insemination is notified through SMS. Also read FICCI organised a webinar on Development of Indian Dairy Sector

If the animal is found pregnant, the information is updated in the mobile application system. After nine months, calving related information like sex of calf is registered in the mobile application along with its date of birth. With this information, deworming and vaccination is planned by Amul Dairy. There is no need to keep physical record by milk producer as all the information is stored by Amul Dairy through software system.

Digitisation of artificial insemination provides instant service to the milk producers as well as information of milch cattle is also stored in the mobile software system and analysed. Also read Dairy is an IT business now, transacting in milk

Automatic recording of data in mobile phone

The artificial insemination technicians do not have to write or save any kind of register as every information has to be filled in the mobile application system on the spot. This helps save a lot of time and hence, performs better.

A very good response to this method has been received from the members of all village milk producer societies in the Amul Dairy milkshed area. Digitisation of AI services will help get the data of pregnancy months, calving prediction and milk production accordingly. This helps plan milk processing at plant level. At present, registration of more than 4,500 artificial insemination calls done by Amul Call Centre daily.

Data analytics would help in forecasting

Still Amul Dairy is trying to make this method more effective and efficient. Amul Dairy performs more than one million artificial insemination annually in milkshed area. Through digitalisation, transparent information as well as its analysis can be used to make accurate decisions and make the animal husbandry business flourish, Vyas further informed..

India is an agricultural country and animal husbandry is an integral part of it. In India, many rural families depend on animal husbandry and milk production for their livelihood. Amul Dairy, which laid the foundation of the White Revolution, has made the entire country self-sufficient in milk production and has maintained the number one position in the world milk production since the last several years.

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