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Amul launches pouch milk and fresh dairy products in Sri Nagar

Amul on Wednesday launched new pouch and fresh milk products in Srinagar.

As per the press statement, Nisar Ahmad Bhat, board of director of Jammu and Kashmir Milk Producers’ Cooperative Limited (JKMPCL) said that to provide benefit of Amul brand to the dairy farmers of Kashmir, as per the advice of incumbent government of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Board of JKMPCL, Amul today launched pouch milk and fresh milk products in Srinagar.

He said to empower the milk producers of the Valley, JKMPCL, with the support of Amul was established in 2004. Amul would be selling fresh pouch milk in 3 variants i.e. Taaza (toned milk) Rs 42 per litre, Shakti (standard milk) Rs 52 per litre, Slim and trim (double toned milk) Rs 40 per litre and Dahi in cups in Srinagar city through more than 400 retailers.

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