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Amul launch Cattle feed to increase SNF in milk

Amul Dairy has launched a new feed variety that will improve solid-non-fat (SNF) in milk of cows and buffaloes.
Problem of low fat and SNF in milk is common in the country’s domestic dairy industry. The milk union’s study revealed that low SNF content was due to less protein and energy in the diet provided to the dairy animals.
“We had initiated a project through which 3,000 machines were installed in all the villages in our milk shed area.

Through a special software, we started providing details of fat and SNF content to our dairy farmers,” said Amul Dairy’s MD Amit Vyas.
“We also started evaluating the reasons behind low SNF content in dairy animals. Usually, there are three main reasons behind low SNF content including mixing water with milk, subclinical mastitis (which lowers milk production) or lack of vitamin and minerals-rich feed,” he said.

Ahead of the summer season, Amul Dairy’s chairman Vipul Patel along with other board members have launched Amul SNF Vriddhi as a feed supplement that will improve milk yield, fat and SNF content of dairy farmers.

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