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Amul Eyes Sri Lankan Livestock Farms Team for Inspection in SL

A delegation from India’s Amul Company arrived in Sri Lanka to conduct inspections of farms owned by the National Livestock Development Board.

The inspections, which began yesterday, are part of a preliminary assessment before the farms are potentially leased to Amul.

The National Livestock Development Board owns 31 farms, spanning over 28,000 acres of land.

As part of the leasing process, the Board has initiated an appraisal of the farms’ value. Approximately 80% of these land value assessments have been completed to date.

In addition to the land, the Animal Production and Health Department has evaluated the value of the animals residing on these farms. The National Livestock Development Board has confirmed that this report has been submitted to the President’s Office.

This development follows a recent agreement between India and Sri Lanka aimed at promoting the liquid milk industry in Sri Lanka. As per the agreement, the farms owned by the National Livestock Development Board are planned to be leased to Amul of India.

However, this move has not been without controversy.

Dairy farmers in Sri Lanka have staged several protests in recent months against the proposed lease of National Livestock Development Board-owned farms to India.

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