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Amul eyeing branded Atta Market

Branded Atta is a Rs 15000-17000 Crore category in Indian FMCG market. It is dominated by large players like ITC , Godrej, Adani apart from large number of local brands. The competition is immense and the category is comfortably growing in double digit. ITC is believed to have almost one third of the total market share. The buying pattern of wheat flour in India is made up of three elements. Around 60% consumers prefer buying wheat, 25% buy loose atta and 15% buy branded Atta.

Amul has a strong network of 10000 distributors and around 1 million retail outlets. Amul also has a large pool of around 3.6 million dairy farmers and some of them are growing wheat . Amul has been declared the top brand in India in a recently held ratings under Food and Beverage category.

Amul has a humble budget of 2-3% of its turnover as its ad spend budget. Media strategy of Amul during lockdown has helped in strengthening the positioning of Amul Brand in the minds of the consumers . It is said that the pilot project is going on for standardisation of operations and supply chain somewhere in Gujarat. The product is expected to be launched at a national level around Diwali times.

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