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Amul Dairy achieves highest ever turnover

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Gujarat based Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. (Amul Dairy) achieved the highest business turnover of Rs 12,880 crore in the 2023-24FY, making a whopping 9 percent increase compared to the previous financial year.

Announcing the figures, Amul Dairy Chairman Vipulbhai Patel said, “The remarkable growth reflects the strong performance and market position of Amul Dairy”.

During the year, Amul Dairy procured a total of 173 crore kilograms of milk from milk producers, demonstrating a significant 15% increase compared to the previous year. Notably, the dairy has maintained its commitment to supporting milk producers by paying Rs 1000 per kilogram of fat, representing an 11% increase from the previous financial year.

The Chairman also highlighted Amul Dairy’s efforts towards enhancing productivity in milk animals through the adoption of advanced technologies such as sex-sorted semen and embryo transfer.

Moreover, the installation of a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) plant at Sarsa farm aims to provide balanced nutrition to milch animals, further improving overall productivity and health.

He mentioned a decrease of 25,000 healthcare visits compared to the previous year, indicating improved health and welfare measures for dairy animals.

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Amul Dairy is actively pursuing production expansion initiatives, including projects at the Khatraj cheese plant, ice cream plant at Pune, and Chittoor plant, in line with its strategic growth objectives.

While expanding its horizon across India, Amul Dairy is also committed towards sustainability through installing biogas across its operational areas and targeting to make all its DCS solar energy enabled in the year 2024-25.

The Chairman also hailed the exceptional support from Board members, the commitment of MD Amul Dairy Dr. Amit Vyas, officials working at Amul, and the trust displayed by millions of its milk producers, making this feat possible to attain.

The record-breaking turnover, increased milk procurement, enhanced support for milk producers, and initiatives towards productivity enhancement and expansion underscore Amul Dairy’s continued commitment to excellence and innovation in the dairy industry.

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