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Amul climbed 5 steps up to become 13th largest dairy in the world

Rabobank declared its global top 20 dairies report on the basis of their turnover in 2021. The combined turnover moved up by 9.3% in USD terms but has shown a 0.1% decline in Euro.

The performance of these top 20 dairies remained stable in 2021. Most of these companies have seen drop in business in first half of 2022. This year these companies have announced 10 deals till now as against 30 deals last year.

Amul climbed 5 steps up to become 13th largest dairy in the world - Dairy News 7X7

Global Top 20 Dairy companies in 2021

Lactalis, and Nestle maintained their first two slots in the list with Lactalis leading over Nestle by hefty 5.4Bill USD this year. Yili and Fonterra remained at 5th and 6th slots with Yili showing an impressive increase of around 20% since 2021. Saputo, Unilever, Agropur and Schreiber were other who maintained status quo on their last year position.

Amul , the taste of the largest milk producing country in the world India climbed up the ladder from 18th to 13th position with a 20% growth over the last year. This has been the longest stride by any other dairy player in one year. Danone, Mengniu, Savencia, Dodiaal and Mueller were other companies which improved their position in last one year.

Dairy farmers of USA, Friesland Campina, Arla,Meiji and DMK had to step down from their previous year position due to better performance by other players.

Froneri , a leading ice cream company from UK made a debut in the list and began their journey from 20th position this year.

Even though Lactalis and Yili remained at the same position but they showed very high growth in their turnovers as well as acquisitions in 2021.

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