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Amul celebrates women-dairy farmers with an empowerment mission

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In an initiative to recognize the heroes of rural India, Amul presents ‘Floating Stories,’ a campaign highlighting the journey of women dairy farmers who have overcome challenges and changed their lives.

Floating Stories is an exhibition of photostories that were printed on the milk of financially and socially successful Amul-women-dairy farmers. This approach serves as a reminder that as these women have turned milk into a source of income, so now does milk showcase their stories. Watch the video at the below link.


Using a combination of hydrographic printing and interactive storytelling, the campaign invites viewers to pour milk into troughs of water, revealing black-and-white portraits of women dairy farmers. As milk merges with water, their images appear, showing the road to progress and opportunity.

Commenting on the campaign, Vandana Joshi, President and Head of Office, FCB Ulka, Mumbai, said, ” Inspired by the visionary words of Dr Kurien, who envisioned Amul as an “empowerment mission,” the campaign aims to ignite hope and aspiration among millions of women across India. These are not tales of urban glamour but narratives of resilience from the heartland, where women have turned challenges into opportunities and cowsheds into cornerstones of prosperity.”

“The essence of Amul’s mission lies in the belief that every drop of milk symbolizes a story of transformation. Hence, the innovative approach of “Floating Stories” was born, weaving together art, technology, and tradition to captivate audiences and spark conversations,” she adds.

Jayen Mehta, the Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Amul), also said at the core of Amul’s mission lies the well-being of farmers. With 3.6 million dedicated women dairy farmers driving the success of Amul, they epitomize empowerment. Their tireless commitment serves as the bedrock of our cooperative, inspiring us each day. Amul’s dedication to enhancing societal happiness and advancing India’s progress is palpable and unwavering.

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