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Aavin must reduce price of orange milk packets, says Anbumani

PMK president Anbumani Ramadoss on Saturday said Aavin should reduce the price of orange milk packets to overcome the shortage of green ones in Chennai and other suburban areas.

In a statement, he said the reason for the shortage of green packet milk is the increased price of orange packets. “The demand for orange milk packets reduced as the price was increased from ₹48/litre to ₹60, so the demand for the green milk packets, which is cheaper, has increased,” he said.

The supply of green milk packets should be ensured by Aavin to keep up with the demand to prevent shortage and profiteering by milk companies, Dr. Anbumani said. “The supply of green packet milk should be increased by at least 20%. If that is proving to be difficult, the orange packet milk should be sold at ₹48/litre,” he added.

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