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Aavin increases price of 5-litre green magic packet

Responding to rumours of hike in milk price, Aavin said on Saturday that only the price of 5-litre green magic (standardised milk) packet has been increased to ₹220 from ₹210. The packet is meant for commercial use and not for domestic consumers.

A press release from Aavin, the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation, said that the hike was being implemented to ensure that the rate was on a par with one litre of green milk that was being sold at ₹44 per litre.

The increase came into effect from Saturday.

An industry expert said that an increase in Aavin milk price has been on the cards for some time now, with dairy farmers demanding a hike in procurement prices. They are spending more on feeding the cattle, and if they are not paid adequately, they will keep migrating to private dairies that pay more procurement prices than Aavin, the expert added.

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