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53 Bulk Milk coolers under PPP to be installed in Assam to strengthen dairy sector

Assam government will provide 53 BMC to dairy cooperatives and milk producers in the state. These cooling tanks will be provided under public- private-partnership mode . The CM, Sarbananda Sonowal directed the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department to prepare a future roadmap for dairy sector. It must inspire the youth to engage in the field through generation of self employment opportunities.

The dairy farmers will receive collateral free loans through Kishan Credit Cards. He asked his officers to ensure that the milk producers don’t face any difficulty in taking advantage of the scheme.

Assam produces only 30% of the milk demanded in the state. As per the CM there is a huge employment opportunities in dairy sector in the state. He stressed on the need to study the problems in the demand-supply-marketing chain and market potential.

He commended the successful homegrown milk brands like Sitajakhala and Kanyaka. There is a huge scope for setting up milk collection an and processing plants in the state. The government must help the private entrepreneurs to invest in dairy sector for making value added products.

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