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2nd world food safety day : Food safety Everyone’s business

“ Let’s all rededicate ourselves to the cause of providing safe food to all on the occasion of the world food safety day “ quoted by Sh Pawan Agarwal , Special Secretary Ministry of Commerce on this day. Sh Pawan Agarwal is responsible for bringing in a paradigm shift in Food safety landscape in India during his tenure as the food regulator of India. Food safety is a shared responsibility among producers, food business operators, government and consumers. Food safety everyone’s business, is the theme being set up by Bhutan Agriculture and regulatory Authority ( BAFRA). This theme is just apt for a country which leads the world in happiness index. It clearly validates that the path to happiness is created with bricks of food safety. In India also the food regulator FSSAI is initiating multiple programs through capacity building at all levels of food interaction with the system from farm to fork. The concept of food safety becomes more relevant in today’s time of COVID 19 where the human safety is also equally important across the food supply chain. The whole world understands it well that human safety is a precursor to the robust food safety regime.

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