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25% increase in turnover for dairy major Milma Kerala State dairy cooperative

The Milma  has recorded a 25% increase in its turnover in 2021-22. It increased its turnover (provisional) to Rs 4,300 crore from Rs 3,388 crore the previous year. In 2019-20, Milma’s turnover stood at Rs 3,210 crore.
“The last two years have been really tough with the Covid-19 pandemic triggering an all-round crisis. But Milma has been able to come through unscathed, living up to the unflinching faith reposed on the network by thousands of farmers and loyal customers,” said Milma chairman K S Mani.

25% increase in turnover for dairy major Milma Kerala State dairy cooperative - Dairy News 7X7

Milma, along with its three regional unions, has achieved an all-time increase in procurement, distribution, turnover and profit in the last two years despite severe constraints imposed by the pandemic, he said.
The three regional unions and over 3,300 primary societies under them have contributed significantly in steering the state’s dairy sector through multiple hurdles thrown up by the pandemic by adopting robust strategies and a farmer-centric approach, Mani said.

Milma stands out in the country’s dairy sector as it passes on to farmers 83% of its revenue as price for milk, which is the highest in India, he added.The procurement of milk by Milma went up by 12.52% to 15,19,737 litres per day in 2021-22 from 13,50,656 litres per day the previous year. The daily sale of milk also increased to 14,29,654 litres a day during the year from 13,09,868 per day the previous year.

In 2021-22, Milma had extended to farmers Rs 7.95 crore worth of benefits by way of cattle feed subsidy and discounts, besides for the first time providing additional milk price to the tune of Rs 4.2 crore to farmers at the rate of rupee one on each litre of milk procured from them in March 2022.

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