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How surplus milk powder is dairy industry’s new problem

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With many states enacting stringent anti-slaughter laws, Indian dairy farmers have been facing challenges in disposing of unproductive cattle — the ones that do not give enough milk or happen to be male. Now, they have been hit by a new “surplus” problem — of skimmed milk powder (SMP). Cooperative and private dairies are holding […]

Milma’s 2023-24 budget anticipate ₹1.22 crore surplus

Milma’s 2023-24 budget anticipate ₹1.22 crore surplus - Dairy News 7X7

The annual general body meeting of the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, known by its brand name Milma, has adopted a growth-oriented budget for 2023-24 pegging the revenue at ₹680.50 crore and expenditure at ₹679.28 crore, anticipating a surplus of ₹1.22 crore during the financial year. The AGM also adopted resolutions covering a wide range of key […]