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A scientifically-evolved and truly accountable FSSAI need of the hour

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Nestle accused of varying levels of sugar content in products for India and European nations We can’t let the FSSAI to get away with it. There are 26 scientific committees that FSSAI has constituted for setting standards and yet if the norms are so relaxed it becomes obvious that the ‘conflict of interest’ is much […]

From Food inflation to Food inclusion-Devinder Sharma

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In Norway, dairy farmers receive just 21.9 per cent of the prevailing supermarket price of milk. Against 25.50 Kroner that consumers shell out for milk in supermarkets, dairy farmers get only 5.62 Kroners. In fact, the chart below presents a very clear picture of what ails agriculture across the globe. Farmers share in the end […]

Time for consumers to stand in solidarity with dairy farmers-Devinder Sharma

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WHAT began as a small effort to help French dairy farmers overcome distress has galvanised into a unique consumer movement, slowly spreading its wings globally. While ensuring that the agri-food industry works towards a healthy transformation leading to sustainable and regenerative farming systems, French food cooperative brand C’est qui le Patron (‘Who’s the Boss?’) has […]

Rebuild agriculture to make it future-ready

Rebuild agriculture to make it future-ready - Dairy News 7X7

GIVEN the spectacular role Indian farmers have played in pulling the country out of the ‘ship-to-mouth’ existence and turning it into a food-surplus nation, agriculture has emerged as the brightest star of the Indian economy. Whether we would like to publicly acknowledge it or not, a vibrant agriculture had laid out a strong foundation for […]

Fair price for farmers: How consumers can spur the change

Fair price for farmers: How consumers can spur the change - Dairy News 7X7

I have often quoted an OECD-ICRIER study that puts an economic value to the losses suffered by the Indian farmers in the 16-year period, between 2000 and 2016. It puts the loss at a staggering Rs45 lakh crores, which means on an average, every year farmers suffered a loss of roughly Rs2.64 lakh crore. While […]