Yili Most valuable dairy brand

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“As a brand committed to unceasing product continuous innovation in the industry, it is unsurprising that Yili has managed to continually achieve its expansion goal this year, even despite the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Savio D’Souza, Valuation Director of Brand Finance.

According to Brand Finance, Yili has now overtaken its competitors to become the world’s largest dairy company, with brand value up 13% in the past year thanks to its innovation and internalization strategy as well as Chairman Pan Gang’s consumer-centric philosophy. Yili is also named the dairy brand with the most potential in the world, reflecting Yili’s continued leadership in the global dairy industry.

Yili expands brand and targets two billion consumers worldwide

As Asia’s most valuable dairy brand for the last five years, Yili continues to power forward in its international expansion, most notably in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania. It aims to build a global network and supply chain that serves two billion consumers around the world by the end of 2020.

With a strong emphasis on innovation, Yili focuses on producing new products and spearheading new product categories that cater to consumer needs, expanding choice and enhancing health in markets around the world. Consumers recognize and embrace its notable product quality and rich product offering, which has enabled Yili to achieve high brand penetration in wide-ranging markets.

Yili set up a big data radar platform to collect pubic accessible information from over 420 data sources, providing over 90 percent of valid data for customer insight analysis. It places a significant emphasis on understanding and responding to consumer needs, developing innovative new products that expand choice and enhance health for consumers across the world.

Yili was also recognized by the Dutch financial services company Rabobank in its Global Dairy Top 20 2020 Report , in which it was named the number five dairy producer in the world. This is the highest ranking ever achieved by an Asian dairy producer.

Source : Dairy Business News Team

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