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The 16th Global Dairy Congress was held in London, UK on June 21-22. Widely considered a “weathervane” of industrial innovation, the World Dairy Innovation Awards announced its 2023 winners during the Congress. Thanks to its comprehensive and balanced strengths in innovation, Yili was able to take home 18 awards, including Winner of the Children’s dairy product and Packaging design, 14 Finalist Awards and 2 Commended Awards.

Dr. Yun Zhanyou, Vice President of Yili Group, and Dr. Gerrit Smit, Managing Director of the Yili Innovation Center Europe, attending the award ceremony.
Dr. Yun Zhanyou, Vice President of Yili Group, and Dr. Gerrit Smit, Managing Director of the Yili Innovation Center Europe, attending the award ceremony.

“‘World Integrally Sharing Health (WISH)’ has always been Yili’s vision. Yili has been pursuing a high-quality development model driven by innovation and embracing a New Vision for Value Creation. We shall continue to provide world consumers with nutritious and healthy products that serve their full life-cycle,” said Dr. Yun Zhanyou, Vice President of Yili Group.

Stay consumer-centered and safeguard health throughout people’s entire life-cycle

Receiving awards under multiple categories of the World Dairy Innovation Awards, including liquid milk, yogurt, milk powder, and ice cream, among others, Yili fully demonstrated its balanced innovation achievements across different categories of healthy food.

As the bedrock of Yili’s business, liquid milk products delivered eye-catching results during the Congress. Satine PRO UF Milk Limited Edition of Blue and White Porcelain was announced the Winner of Packaging design.

Emerging as one of the secondary growth poles of Yili, the Group’s cheese products also achieved incredible results at the 2023 World Dairy Innovation Awards ceremony. Yili’s Yijiahao Cheese Bomb became the Winner of the Children’s dairy product.

In terms of ice cream products, Yili’s overseas brand Joyday ice cream earned the Commended Award under the CSR/sustainability initiative category for its outstanding activities devoted to supporting public welfare.

Yili’s strengths in innovation are highly recognized worldwide, as evidenced by the endorsement given by world-class awards for its work

As Yili continues to enhance its innovation strengths, the Group is rapidly expanding the global reach of its influence throughout the industry. In 2022, Yili won six awards, continuing to lead the industry with the highest number of awards received. This year, Yili was proud to be honored with an incredible tally of 18 awards, further highlighting its extraordinary capabilities in innovation.

Yili’s innovation efforts feature industry-pioneering R&D inputs and a global innovation network. At present, Yili has established 15 innovation centers in Asia, Europe and Oceania. It has also been continuously extending its cooperation with universities, research institutions and other collaborating partners, to expand its innovative ecosystem.

Looking to the future, Yili will continue to adhere to its New Vision for Value Creation, stay focused on meeting consumer demands and steadily advance its innovative R&D. Committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as an industry leader and realizing its goals around high-quality development, Yili is dedicated to delivering an even wider range of healthy products to global consumers in the years ahead.

Source : PRnewswire June 26th 2023

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