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Top 5 Indian food brands have Dairy portfolio- Amul, Mother Dairy, Nandini shines again

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Brand Finance’s Global Brand Equity Monitor Research utilises a comprehensive framework to track and measure the core building blocks that underpin strong brands, while delivering nuanced insights that direct strategy for understanding, maintaining and building brand strength.

Brands, and customer relationship with brands, are complex. As such they require attention, direction and measured support if they’re to fulfil their potential. Our brand equity reports deliver expert insight and recommendations to power your brand strategies and valuation. Here are the excerpts from their latest Top Indian Brands report.

Taj: India’s strongest brand ranked for third consecutive year Taj has retained its No.1 position in brand strength for three years in a row! Meanwhile, the Amul and SBI Group brands have shown remarkable improvement in brand strength scores, currently among the top 5 strongest Indian brands ranked.

Notably, SBI Group also features as the 15th strongest brand in Brand Finance’s Global Banking report 2024, thanks to its concerted brand building efforts to live up to its tagline of ‘The banker to every Indian’. This year, Voltas and Raymond, have made it to the top 10 strongest Indian brands ranked with a brand strength rating of AAA and AAArespectively. Decades of trust-building, consistent quality, emotional connection with Indian consumers, and disciplined service delivery have been the hallmarks of both brands.

Amul stands as second strongest brand in the country after Taj

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The Indian Food & Drinks sector faces pressure as consumer purchasing habits shift online. Major brands are innovating to pique consumer interest and generate new revenue streams with improved margins. Amul, the leading Indian Food & Drinks brand in our ranking, continues its strong performance with an 11% brand value increase to USD3.3 billion while Britannia, owing to market pressure, experienced a 6% decline in brand value to USD1.4 billion this year. Mother Dairy, ranked third, is close to crossing the USD1 billion mark this year. Nandini has maintained its position as the fourth brand in the ranking, achieving the highest growth rate in the industry at 16%, which has increased its brand value to USD940 million. Parle too shows and impressive growth rate of 14% which has boosted its brand value to USD850 million.

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