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The road towards a sustainable future : Milky mist Dairy

Dodla Dairy has won the Promising Organisation award instituted by for the Indian Biogas Association (IBA), for its contribution towards biogas generation from waste and efficient usage on its premises; also contribution to the biogas industry as a whole. IBA is the association of operators, manufacturers, and planners of biogas plants. The company has been able to use several tonne of organic waste for the generation of biogas and uses it for boilers which almost meet 85 per cent of the energy requirements apart from using the biogas at the office premises.

The company has achieved zero waste level and uses complex anaerobic digestion chemical and biochemical process to achieve the complete usage of the waste generated. This method consumes 75 per cent less power as compared to conventional aerobic design because more than 75 per cent decomposition of effluent takes place in UASB digester. Dodla Dairy CEO BVK Reddy said, “Our focus has been to create a social impact throughout our products and services. We are one of the largest private players in the product, which is for the masses. We want our initiatives to be sustainable for the environment and this award is a stamp on our efforts. We thank the Indian Biogas Association for recognising our efforts.”

“We congratulate Dodla Dairy on the good work undertaken for the environment. I would also like to mention that the biogas industry has huge potential, which can save the government more than Rs 1.1 lakh crore per year, if the right focus is given to the industry with effective support. This can be a sunshine sector for the Government in the years to come with the kind of resources available with our country,” Indian Biogas Association President AR Shukla said.

Indian Biogas Association has recognised companies’ efforts in categories: promising startup/organisation, operation excellence, circular waste management and unsung hero. The jury members included Prof Amit Garg from IIM-Ahmedabad, Prof TN Singh, Director, IIT-Patna, Prof Pradeep Srivastava, ED, TIFAC, Prof JadranVrabec, TU-Berlin, Claudius da Costa Gomez, MD, German Biogas Association and Sh Deepak Gadhia, Trustee, Muni Seva Ashram.

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