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Slow pace of probe into adulterated milk at MANMUL has raised doubts

The probe into adulteration of milk reported at The Mandya District Co-operative Milk Producers Society’s Union Limited-(MANMUL) has raised doubts . People are worried about the slow pace of probe. It is said that the adulteration of milk with water came to light on May 30 last.

The milk transporters made alterations to milk tankers. They mixed water in to milk after passing check up at Gejjalagere dairy in Maddur. The tanker owners are selling milk to private dairies making lakhs of rupees profit. Followed by complaints from consumers about poor quality milk MANMUL president Rama Chandra detected 6 milk tankers with alterations.

All the vehicles also seized. The tanker owners were doing this adulteration with support of MANMUL officers . The enquiry revealed so. They were also sharing profit with them said Maddur Dy SP Navin Kumar probing the case. The MANMUL board suspended the seven officers involved in the scam and transferred the Managing Director. But so far police did not arrest any officer in this regard raised doubts.

Farmer leader Shivalingaiah alleged that MANMUL board is trying to hush up the case. The state government should hand over the case to CBI to arrest the architects of this scam, he said.Hand over the case to CBI to arrest the architects of this scam, he said

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