51000 award spurious food

On the lines of mukhbir yojna which encourages people to inform the authorities about those involved in sex determination and female foeticide, the state government has now launched a similar initiative encouraging people to inform about those involved in food adulteration. A reward of Rs 51,000 has also been announced.

“The state government has announced a reward of Rs 51,000 to those who give correct information about adulteration in the ‘Shudh Ke Liye Yudh’ campaign. Also, the name of the person giving information will be kept confidential,” said health minister Raghu Sharma.

The state government launched ‘Shudh Ke Liye Yudh’ across the state on Monday to check food adulteration. The food safety officers across the state collected samples of food items from retailers, manufacturers, distributors and producers for checking the quality of the food products.

“The drive is currently being run as a special campaign, but under the ‘Nirogi Rajasthan campaign, the state government is making efforts to take action against the adulterators throughout the year,” said Sharma.

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