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Sangam Dairy(Guntur) releases 13 new products on Deepavali

Sangam Milk Producer Company Ltd., the oldest dairy company in Guntur, released 13 new products including bakery items and sweets on Wednesday. Sangam Dairy chairman Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar and the Board of Directors released the products at an event organised in Guntur city, amidst the gathering of all its distributors and agents who attended from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The new products include atta laddu, besan laddu, chana laddu, kaju bites, chocolate kaju bites, orange kaju bites, plum cakes, bar cakes, gulab jamun, badam raki, and kaju sticks.

Mr. Narendra said that the Sangam Dairy products undergo 144 tests before being released into market, so as to ensure quality and safety.

He said that they have been supplying 82 kinds of milk and milk products in 160 measurements to the market, through more than 8,000 distributors and agents. He said that Sangam Dairy has its presence in more than 6,720 villages and is collecting milk from more than 1.5 lakh farmers to the tune of more than 7.80 lakh litres per day. He added that they have been adopting advanced technology at their dairy unit.

Source : The Hindu Nov 8th 2023

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