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Raw milk is becoming cheaper in Ukraine

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Raw milk is becoming cheaper in Ukraine due to the increase in the volume of its production in the spring and the appearance of surpluses on the market. Dairy processing enterprises need less raw milk in the conditions of a slowdown in exports and a reduction in the consumption of dairy products in the domestic market. The further devaluation of the hryvnia and the increase in the supply of dairy products to Europe may contribute to the stabilization of purchase prices, — reports the analyst of the Association of Milk Producers, Georgy Kukhaleishvili.

The average purchase price of Extra Grade milk as of March 5 was 14.38 UAH/kg without VAT, which is 0.12 UAH less than a month ago. The price range for this grade in farms varies from 13.50 to 15.00 UAH/kg without VAT. The upper limit of the price range has not changed, and the lower limit has decreased by 0.50 UAH for the last month.

Higher Grade costs an average of 14.38 UAH/kg without VAT (-0.12 UAH). Prices for Higher Grade milk range from 13.50 to 15.00 UAH/kg without VAT. Compared to the monitoring results of the first half of March, the lower limit of the price range decreased by 0.50 UAH, while the upper limit did not change.

The average price of Grade I milk amounted to 13.52 UAH/kg without VAT, which is 0.05 UAH less compared to the price in the first half of March. The minimum price in farms was 12.75 UAH/kg, and the maximum price was 14.10 UAH/kg. Over the last month, the lower limit of the price range decreased by 0.25 UAH, and the upper limit fell by 0.18 UAH.

Accordingly, the weighted average price of three grades amounted to 14.09 UAH/kg without VAT, which is 0.02 UAH less than a month ago.


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Georgy Kukhaleishvili notes that raw milk is becoming cheaper in Ukraine due to the increase in its supply on the domestic market. The relatively warm spring of this year contributed to the increase in volumes. Compared to March 5, the price of Extra and Higher Grade milk fell by 0.8%. The price decreased the most in households, where not only the volume of production increased, but also the quality of raw milk deteriorated. Since February, milk continues to become cheaper on the spot market. As of the beginning of April, there is a surplus of raw milk in Ukraine, which also helps to reduce prices.


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