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Opportunities for dairy in the health and wellness space-A Podcast

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Consumers are spending their disposable income on health and wellness items, which is a $350 billion industry, and there is a lot of opportunity for dairy. Paul Ziemnisky, executive vice president of global innovation partnerships for DMI, shares the four strategy areas, business development partnerships, challenges and future trends. Dairy Stream host Joanna Guza dives into the topic below with Paul:

  • Four strategy areas to grow domestic sales
    • More incremental sales
    • More commercialized science
    • More outside investment
    • More trained workforce
  • How dairy moves into new growth space
  • Popular areas of health and wellness
  • Timeline
  • Collaboration between checkoffs and the Center for Dairy Research
  • Challenges
  • Future trends

Watch the Dairy Streamlet on YouTube.

Special thanks to Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin for sponsoring this episode.

About the guest, Paul Ziemnisky, Executive Vice President of Global Innovation Partnerships for DMI  

  • Senior brand marketing, innovation and general management executive with over 25 years of consumer package goods marketing, innovation and finance experience in a wide range of industries.  Paul’s experience includes managing brands and leading innovation for well-known brands such as Kraft Natural Cheese, Velveeta, Tombstone, DiGiorno, Rust-Oleum, and First Alert.  Paul has guided brands with revenue from $100M to over $1B, while launching more than $500M of new product platforms.  Prior to joining Dairy Management, Paul served in senior-level positions at companies including Kraft Foods, Jarden Corporation, Rust-Oleum, and Oil-Dri Corporation. Paul has been with DMI for 8 years.  In his current role, Paul is the Group EVP for DMI’s Innovation priority which includes domestic growth platforms, business development and channel partnership efforts with key players such as Domino’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, General Mills, Raising Cane’s and Amazon.  Plus, DMI’s health and wellness research and product science and technology teams and efforts.

This podcast is co-produced by the Dairy Business Association and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, sister organizations that fight for effective dairy policy in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.  Become a sponsor, share an idea or feedback by emailing podcast@dairyforward.com. 

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