georgia dairy regulation

New Regulations are enacted for dairy industry from November 1.

As of the government’s decree adopted on July 30, amendments had been made to the Resolution No. 152 of 2015 of Georgian Government on Milk and Dairy Products.

The Resolution provides for requirements imposed for milk, dairy products and products containing milk. According to the document, the packaging of dairy product must indicate that the dairy product is “made from raw milk” in the main area of vision along with the name of the food.

The purpose of the document is to regulate production and placement on the market by business operators of milk, dairy products and products containing milk. Its main provisions cover the areas of product standards, labeling; identification of the products; hygiene requirements; and compliance control procedures.

The sale of raw milk is also limited for the purpose of giving to pets as foods. The label on raw milk must mention that it is not for human consumption. The label may be seen as below.

Georgia Raw Milk Label Example
Label of raw milk in Georgia

Earlier the state mandated use of raw milk only for making cheese. Reconstituted milk was banned for making dairy products like cheese. It was to protect interest of the honest dairy processors who are using pure milk for making their dairy products.

Source: Business media Georgia

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