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The Yogi government has given green signal to the Uttar Pradesh Dairy Development and Milk Product Promotion Policy-2022 in the cabinet meeting on Thursday. Under the new policy, subsidy of up to 5 crore will be given for setting up milk processing units in UP. Apart from this, an interest subsidy of Rs 10 crore will be given for five years.

With this grant, the availability of milk and its based products will be increased. The main objective of this policy is to make the state one trillion dollar economy. Under this, the target of capital investment of 5 thousand crores will be achieved in the next five years.

will help in employment
At present only about 10 percent of the total marketable surplus milk is processed in the state. In such a situation, to benefit the milk producing farmers with the new policy, its capacity will be increased to 25 percent, which will increase the existing milk processing capacity from 44 percent to 65 percent.

This will increase investment in the state on a large scale, while employment will also increase. Along with this, 10 percent of the cost of plant, machinery, technical civil works and spare parts, or a maximum of Rs 5 crore, will be given subsidy for setting up and developing a milk processing unit.

Expected to get 5000 crore investment
Yogi government’s new milk policy will form the basis of the state’s goal of one trillion dollar economy. Along with improving the rural economy, this policy will also play an important role in nutritional security. At the same time, this policy prepared will attract foreign investors in the Global Investors Summit to be held in January. An investment of Rs 5000 crore is expected through the policy.

Under this, investment will also be increased for setting up green field dairy and for capacity development, technology up-gradation. The target has been fixed to get investment for setting up of Cattle Field Plant, Refrigerated Van, Insulated Milk Tank and other cold chain investment, Small Enterprise based Milk Processing.

On the other hand, people will keep better breeds of cows if they get a fair price for milk. They give milk to full capacity for a long time, for this they will give balanced and nutritious animal food. In this way the demand for bran, sardine, khanda, cake used in animal feed will increase. These animal feeds are mainly products of different crops.

The increasing demand for balanced and nutritious food will give a fillip to such an industry. Along with this, the farmers will get the benefit of the demand for agricultural products to make them. In the new policy, for the first time, the Yogi government will give a discount of up to seven and a half crore rupees on the animal feed manufacturing facility. Every year 1 lakh people will get employment.

Source : Grantshala 14th Oct 2022

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