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Thiruvananthapuram: All dairy farmers who provide milk through self-help groups (SHG) will now be considered for the Dairy Farmers Welfare Fund. Previously, only two and a half lakh dairy farmers who provide at least 500 liters of milk annually were part of the welfare fund.

The bill contains several provisions that give discretionary powers to the Dairy Welfare board, which currently function with limited powers. At present, pension for dairy farmers is paid through the board.

The new provision came with the Kerala Dairy Farmers Welfare Amendment bill 2023, which is under consideration by the Assembly Subject Committee. With this, 3350 SHGs in the state with more than 8 lakh dairy farmers will be benefitted.

Henceforth, insurance plans will also be offered to the beneficiaries. This insurance will cover dairy farmers as well as their family members. The board will also gain authority to disburse fodder and medicines for the cattle. Other assistance schemes may also be implemented.

The amendments to the bill

Source : Mathrubhumi Aug 16th 2023

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