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Nashik Dairy Farmers Call For Urgent Milk Price Increase

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Dairy farmers have launched widespread agitations and demonstrations across Nashik, demanding an immediate increase in milk prices. The current payment of ₹22 to ₹27 per litre to producers is significantly lower than the government-announced rate of ₹34 per litre. Compared to other states, milk producers in Maharashtra receive ₹10 to ₹12 less per litre, exacerbating their financial struggles.

Adding to the discontent, the government’s recent decision to permit the import of 10,000 tonnes of milk powder and remove the import duty has further jeopardised local milk prices. With the country already having an excess of more than 2 lakh tonnes of milk powder, this move is likely to depress rates even more, causing distress among local producers.

“We demand urgent intervention to stabilise the income of milk producers and safeguard their livelihoods. We have urged the government to withdraw its recent anti-farmer decision and promptly meet our demands to provide much-needed relief. The agitations will continue until decisive action is taken by the government. We hope for swift and favourable responses to alleviate our ongoing hardships and ensure a fair price for our produce,” said Kiran Vasantrao Sanap, a dairy farmer.

What are the demands?

1. Increase the milk price to ₹40 per litre.

2. Provide a fixed rate instead of subsidies.

3. Take action against adulterated milk.

4. Implement permanent measures instead of temporary grants aimed at the upcoming Assembly elections.

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