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Milk Pouch sales dropped by 25-30% across Maharashtra due to Covid

Milk sales across Maharashtra have dropped by almost 25-30%, from an average per day sales of 1.2 crore litres to 86-90 lakh litres since the lockdown-like restrictions came into force, rough estimates from the Maharashtra Milk Producers and Processors Association have indicated.

Milk Pouch sales dropped by 25-30% across Maharashtra due to Covid - Dairy News 7X7

“Traders have cut down on milk purchases due to restrictions on market operations, fear of wastage and drop in customers. Retailers selling milk in open markets have also been unable to resume sales after the restrictions. If the major markets are closed, there will be an impact,” Prakash Kutwal, secretary of Maharashtra Milk Producers and Processors Association, told TOI.

Kutwal said that grocery retailers have also cut down on the milk purchases because there is uncertainty in the market as to how much they would be able to sell as well as the restrictions on operation timings of stores. “They do not want to risk any wastage. I have spoken with major dairies in the state and all have unanimously quoted a drop in sales,” he said.

Shripad Chitale, a partner at Chitale Dairy, said, “There has been at least a 20% drop in sales at our end, even in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad, as people are working from home, restaurants are closed, functions have been cancelled and grocery stores are operating for a restricted number of hours.

We have also written to the prime minister, among other authorities, requesting that Covid-19 vaccination should be kept open to essential staff involved in milk collection and distribution. If the staff in this sector does not work, it would hamper milk collection and distribution.”

Sanjay Kalekar, general manager of Katraj Dairy, said, “There has been a 5-7% drop in sales after the restrictions, which caused restaurants and many other businesses to close.”

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