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Kochi-based firm sets up country’s first off-grid solar power plant in dairy sector

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Sapins, a Kochi-based dairy products company, has arguably become the first in the dairy sector to set up the country’s first off-grid solar power plant in the sector.

The 200-kW plant installed at a cost of ₹2.8 crore will meet the entire energy requirements of the upgraded plant at Kizhakkambalam with a processing capacity of 50,000 litres a day, Sapins Dairy managing director Gigi Thomas said here on Tuesday.

Mr. Thomas added that the new solar plant with integrated energy management system (IEMS) would also include a 100-kW induction heat exchanger. More importantly, the project holds great significance to the environment by meeting the total plant’s electrical needs, thus doing away with the use of diesel almost entirely. Besides, uninterrupted and voltage-free power supply is also ensured.

Ajith M.S., director, Zoladyne Energy Solutions, who oversaw the installation of the plant, said it was installed with the option of charging the battery using various sources during seasons of low sunlight.

Marketing director Sunil Kumar said the plant was a critical milestone in the growth of Sapins, which had grown from a milk processing firm to an integrated dairy products company. This reliance on solar energy availability would be the basis for more product introductions and capacity expansion, he added.

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