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The Kerala milk federation is opposing the sale of Karnataka-made dairy products in Kerala and has threatened to start sourcing milk directly from farmers in the neighbouring state if the “unhealthy trend” continues.

The Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, known as Milma, has threatened to source milk directly from farmers in Karnataka in a development that is likely to escalate a simmering row between the milk unions of the two neighboring states. Milma has opposed the sale of Karnataka milk federation’s Nandini dairy products in Kerala. Nandini recently opened outlets selling its milk products in a few cities of Kerala.

Milma, which is opposed to the sale of Nandini products in Kerala, has now written to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah urging him to intervene and stop the sale of Nandini products in the state.

Milma’s Ernakulam regional union chairman MT Jayan said that the Kerala milk federation is opposed to the Karnataka milk federation’s attempts to sell Nandini milk in Kerala.

“Milma buys milk from cooperative federations in other states, including Karnataka, by paying a higher price than the selling price in Kerala to ensure the availability of milk in Kerala,” MT Jayan said.

“Milma has not yet attempted to procure milk directly from local farmers as it embodies the essence of the Anand model of co-operation. But if this unhealthy trend continues, we will consider collecting milk directly from farmers in Karnataka,” MT Jayan also said, adding that a letter had been sent to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah seeking his intervention in the matter.

SOURCE : India Today June 22nd 2023

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