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In a remarkable stride towards transforming the dairy industry, pioneering scientists at the renowned ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement to redefine milk production.

His game-changing innovation is a revolutionary cattle feed meticulously enriched with various phytonutrient ingredients derived from time-tested medicinal plants. The dinner promises to amplify milk yield, enhance procreation, and bolster immunity in milch animals, such as cows  and buffaloes.
The IVRI-developed cattle feed represents a significant leap forward in addressing these invaluable creatures’ critical need for a highly nutritious diet. While an assortment of cattle feed options already exists in the retail market, this cutting-edge product stands unparalleled, packed with phytonutrients that have been carefully selected to meet the precise requirements of these remarkable animals.

​​​Unveiling a Perfect Harmony of Nature and Science

This remarkable achievement by IVRI’s brilliant minds brings together the power of nature’s bounty and scientific prowess. The newly developed cattle feed encompasses an optimal blend of essential minerals and proteins, ensuring the animals receive a well-rounded and balanced diet. However, including specific plants renowned for their immune-boosting properties truly sets this innovation apart. These potent botanical extracts augment the animals’ natural defence mechanisms and shield them against infections, cultivating a healthier and more resilient livestock population.

A Testament to Unyielding Dedication and Collaboration

The culmination of tireless efforts and unwavering commitment, the IVRI team has conducted extensive trials on milch animals across multiple research sites. These trials have demonstrated this pioneering cattle feed’s remarkable efficacy and transformative potential. The IVRI, headquartered in Izatnagar, Bareilly, under the visionary leadership of Dr Triveni Dutt, has consistently proven itself as a beacon of excellence in veterinary research.

​Technology Transfer to AIMIL Pharmaceuticals – Pioneering the Path to Commercialization

​​On the occasion of the 95th Foundation Day of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, witnessed by Union Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Minister Parshottam Rupala, ​A novel dietary supplement developed by Dr Narayan Dutta of the Department of Animal Nutrition of the Institute was transferred to M/s Emil Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd., New Delhi. Feeding this novel feed supplement increases the appetite of cattle. The physical condition, immunity, and general health of the animals also improve. It increases the reproductive capacity of cattle and increases the milk production  capacity of milch animals. AIMIL, renowned for its expertise in herbal drug manufacturing and recognized for groundbreaking ayurvedic medicines, is poised to usher in a new era of dairy farming with the commercial availability of this transformative product. This collaboration signifies a harmonious convergence of scientific ingenuity and pharmaceutical prowess, guaranteeing widespread access to this remarkable innovation.

A Promising Future for Dairy Farming

With this groundbreaking development, the Indian dairy industry is poised for an unprecedented surge in milk production, catalyzing economic growth and ensuring a sustainable future for dairy farmers. The IVRI’s revolutionary cattle feed not only empowers farmers to enhance milk yield but also nurtures the reproductive health of their animals, leading to healthier offspring and improved overall herd vitality.​ As the news spreads throughout the agricultural landscape, farmers and industry experts eagerly anticipate the imminent availability of this game-changing cattle feed  in the retail market. The dawn of a new era in dairy farming is upon us, one where innovation and scientific progress converge to revolutionize the very essence of milk production. IVRI’s visionary breakthrough promises a brighter future for farmers, animals, and the dairy industry.

Source : Krishi Jagaran July 28th 2023

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