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Hyderabad to witness first-ever Vegan Market in India

The first-ever Vegan Market will be hosted in the city at Phoenix Area, Hi-Tech City in Madhapur on Sunday, December 5, 2021.

It will be open from 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday. It is the first of its kind plant-based market to be organised jointly by Alt Mart & Enya. The vegan market aims to encourage cruelty-free, guilt-free consumption among the city dwellers and encourage a more compassionate world that is animal, healthy and planet-friendly.

Alt Mart is founded by Rupa Obulreddigari is a one-stop vegan eCommerce marketplace that services pan Indian markets. Enya is a dairy alternatives brand and cloud kitchen founded by Pranavi Pangnuri and Vishwatej that aims to change the way people perceive veganism.

“People are looking to be happy vegetarians. This unique expo helps them to explore more options”, said Ms Rupa Obulreddigari, one of the organisers, who is also the founder of Alt Mart, a vegan food startup.

About vegan market

Vegan Market is an exhibition of plant-based food, edible items, foods made from plants. It will be the place for vegans who stay away from foods that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs.

The vegan event will have stalls by Beyond Meat – a producer of plant-based meat substitutes, Vijay sweets – who shot into fame for introducing a vegan version of Mysore Pak, vegan first – an online vegan portal in India, and No Beef – a vegan food startup, and many more.

Some of the highlights include an open-air ambience, all-day vegan cafe. It will be a pet-friendly event. The pet adoption booth will be hosted by People for Animals. The city’s upcoming artists will enthral the visitors with live music all through the day.

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