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How Indian Railways Solved A Problem For Dairy: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the 104th episode of Mann ki Baat, appreciated Indian Railways’ initiative of transporting milk through Truck-on-Track facility between Palanpur and New Rewari.

Sharing about the Indian Railways’ initiative, he told the story of Banas Dairy and how the initiative has transformed the functioning of the dairy. PM Modi said that Banas Dairy is  considered to be the biggest dairy of Asia, which produces an average of 75 lakh liters of milk everyday. However, transportation of the milk in other states appeared a daunting task for the dairy farmers. For the purpose of transporation of milk, the dairy owners seeked help of tankers and milk trains, said PM Modi underlining that often the milk used to get spoiled. He added, “Loading and unloading used to take a lot of time.”

Talking about the initiative, the Prime Minister said, “To overcome this problem, Indian Railways did a new experiment. Railways started a Truck-on-Track facility from Palanpur to New Rewari.” He elaborated how the milk was directly loaded onto the train and it would save much time and effort. “In this, milk trucks are directly loaded onto the train. That is, the major problem of transportation has been overcome by this. The results of the Truck-on-Track facility have been very satisfactory. Earlier the milk, which used to take 30 hours to reach is now reaching in less than half the time.”

The Prime Minister highlighted that it benefitted the dairy farmers a lot. The Prime Minister said, “Due to this, whereas the pollution caused by fuel has stopped, the cost of fuel is also saved. Drivers of trucks have also benefited a lot from this, their life has become easier.”

PM, during his address, also shared about different other initiatives being taken by dairy owners leading to the modernisation of the dairy industry. “Friends, with collective efforts today, our dairies are also moving forward with modern thinking. How Banas Dairy has also taken a step forward in the direction of environmental protection is evident through the Seedball tree plantation campaign,” he said.

Adding, “Varanasi Milk Union is working on manure management to increase the income of our dairy farmers. The effort of Malabar Milk Union Dairy of Kerala is also very unique. It is engaged in developing Ayurvedic Medicines for the treatment of animal diseases.”

He also shared the story of a man from Kota who has set up two biogas plants along with running a dairy. Underlining that due to the biogas plants, the electricity expenditure has come down by 70 per cent. PM Modi said, “You must also know about Amanpreet Singh, who is running a dairy farm in Kota, Rajasthan. Along with dairy, he also focused on Biogas and set up two biogas plants. Due to this, their expenditure on electricity has reduced by about 70 percent. This effort of his is going to inspire dairy farmers across the country. Today many big dairies are focusing on biogas. This type of Community Driven Value addition is very exciting. I am sure that such trends will continue throughout the country.”

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