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Heritage Foods launches probiotic curd with immunity benefits

Will initially be available in Hyderabad, later in the rest of the country

Heritage Foods has launched a probiotic curd containing the Bifidobacterium strain which boosts the immune system by improving overall gut health.

The probiotic curd is rich in good bacteria and offers nutritional benefits to improve gut health. Healthy gut leads to high immunity. Heritage Probiotic Curd has the goodness of two special strains of Probiotic bacteria — Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

Initially, Heritage Probiotic Curd will be available in Hyderabad. It will be launched subsequently in the rest of the country.

Brahmani Nara, Executive Director, in a statement said, “Probiotic curd strengthens our overall immunity boosting product basket and our consumers are pampered with a wide range of choice, be it in milk or curd. Probiotics has been widely used worldwide for not only its gut health benefits but in supporting the immune system.”

The Bifidobacterium strain helps to improve bowel function in adults with infrequent bowel movements and with reduced incidence of crying and fussing in babies too. It has a protective effect and can improve the immune system against certain diseases. While, Lactobacillus Acidophilus has a good effect on improving gut health, which ultimately results in healthy life.

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