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FSSAI officials flag hygiene violations at dairy units in Hyderabad

fssai finds GMP violations in dairy in Telangana dairynews7x7

The task force teams of Telangana’s Commissioner of Food Safety conducted inspections at dairy manufacturing units in Hyderabad on June 25 (Tuesday) and uncovered hygiene violations.

At Sapthagiri Foods in Karmanghat, the teams found a copy of the FSSAI licence displayed in the office. Head gear, gloves, and uniforms were available for the food handlers. However, medical fitness certificates for food handlers and pest control records were not available. The premises were not fitted with insect-proof screens, and the doors were not close-fitted to prevent pest entry. Analysis reports for the manufactured food products were unavailable, and there was no internal laboratory. Additionally, the vehicle used for transporting dairy products lacked an FSSAI licence or registration. On-the-spot milk testing was conducted with the help of the Food Safety on Wheels vehicle, and the sample parameters were found to be within the prescribed limits.

At Creamline Dairy Products Limited (Jersey) in Uppal, the teams found a copy of the FSSAI licence displayed at the entrance. They observed loose plaster flakes on the ceiling, broken tiles on side walls in the pasteurisation area, and possible water seepage in the ice cream manufacturing unit. The unit was repacking cooking butter procured from its Jersey unit in Ongole without including it in the scope of its licence. Raw food articles like Soluble Essence and Candied Karonda were not stored at the temperatures specified on their labels. Workers in the food section wore hair caps, gloves, masks, and uniforms, and there were seven FoSTaC-trained supervisors on site. The manufacturing premises were fitted with insect-proof screens, though some had minor damage. Pest control records, medical fitness certificates of food handlers, and analysis reports for the manufactured food products were available. FSSAI licences were also available for the vehicles used for transporting dairy products.

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