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From treaty to tradition: Gauhati Dairy’s century-long journey in Guwahati

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Before delving into the case of Gauhati Dairy in Guwahati, let’s explore some historical background.

Before delving into the case of Gauhati Dairy in Guwahati, let’s explore some historical background.

The Treaty of Yandabo marked the conclusion of the First Anglo-Burmese War on February 24, 1826, ending hostilities that began on March 5, 1824.

The treaty encompassed the Ahom Kingdom, the Kachari Kingdom, and other territories under British India, compelling the Burmese to accept British terms near Ava, around 80 km from Yandabo village.

Following this, many families, including the prominent Kunjathakur, migrated to Assam, contributing significantly to its development.

He owned extensive land in Gauhati/Guwahati. His relatives included notable members of the Chatterjee family such as Upendra Lal Chatterjee, Amulya Lal Chatterjee, Prof H.L. Chatterjee, Dr. H.G. Chatterjee (MBBS), Gurudas Chatterjee (Indian Civil Service Officer), among others.

They also made substantial contributions to Assam’s growth.

The British introduction of tea garden labourers further enriched Assam’s cultural tapestry with immigrants settling and contributing to the region’s advancement.

Now, shifting focus to the renowned Gauhati Dairy in Panbazar, Gauhati (now Guwahati), Assam.

Established in 1928 by Dhirendra Kumar Dev, the dairy initially aimed to produce high-quality Bengali sweets and other delicacies in the bustling commercial hub of Panbazar.

Specialties included unique buttermilk with a distinctive flavour and colour, supplied until 1980 when the company producing the flavouring closed down.

Despite changes over time, Gauhati Dairy continues to thrive, adapting to modern tastes by adding fast food items and coffee alongside its traditional sweets.

Presently overseen by Ujjal Kumar Dev, son of Dhirendra Kumar Dev, and assisted by his grandson Rajnish Dev, the dairy remains a beloved fixture in Guwahati.

As it approaches its centenary in four years, Gauhati Dairy looks forward to continuing its legacy of serving the people of Guwahati with its cherished offerings.


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The author is Former Professor & Head (CPME),NIRD & PR (Govt. of India), Hyderabad, India, Former Associate Professor, Eritrea, Former Assistant Prof, Govt. Degree College, Tripura, India, Former Senior Planning Officer, Govt of Assam, India.

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