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Fresh milk rates to rise by Rs 7/litre in Mumbai during Ganeshotsav

With just two days left for Ganeshotsav, the financial budget of common people is going to collapse due to inflation. After the increase in the price of milk by Amul and Mother Dairy companies, now the extra milk is going to be expensive by seven rupees. The new rates will be applicable in Mumbai from September 1. According to these new rates, extra milk will now cost Rs 7. Therefore, consumers have to pay 80 rupees for one liter of milk.

Recently, Amul and Mother Dairy had increased the price of milk per liter. From August 17, milk prices of Amul and Mother Dairy have been increased by Rs. So, now even free milk has been increased by seven rupees, it will hit the pocket of common people. These new free milk rates will be applicable till February 28, 2023.

In Mumbai, from Thursday, fresh milk will become more expensive by seven rupees per liter. The cost of animal fodder has increased. The prices of fodder like gram have increased. The impact of this is seen on the milk producers. Due to this, milk producers have decided to increase the price of free milk.

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