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Food Mantra-Healthy, Tasty and Affordable : Dr R S Sodhi

Stellapps Technologies in collaboration with ThinkAg, is pleased to invite you as a panellist to a webinar- ” Building Nutrition Security with Dairy: Role, Risks and Regulations”. This webinar was held on 25th July from 4 PM to 5.15 PM IST.

Background: The awareness of nutritional security and the significant contribution of dairy towards meeting nutritional needs are crucial for today’s customers. The webinar aims to address various critical aspects related to the dairy industry and its role in ensuring nutritional security, upholding food safety standards, promoting integrity in packaging and labelling, and addressing misconceptions about dairy products.


Speaker : R S Sodhi

Context : False claims by analogues to be like dairy products 3.2 Integrity through Packaging and Labelling:

• The impact of packaging labels on consumer education

• Ensuring the authenticity and integrity of milk products through proper labelling

• The role of labelling in maintaining consumer trust

Que . In last decade our dairy sector has seen emergence of food frauds in which non dairy products were using regulated nomenclature of conventional dairy products. Plant derived beverages, analogues of cheese, paneer, butter, cream are some of the products which are available in plenty in the market. During your tenure at Amul you took it seriously and launched massive campaigns against such products. Please tell us briefly on what measures must consumers and government take to curb this integrity menace which is impacting the sales of dairy industry.

Moderator Kuldeep Sharma

Chief editor Dairynews7x7


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