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Developing dairy sector in Bangladesh

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that a person needs to drink 250 millilitres of milk every day. However, daily per head milk production in Bangladesh is 208 ml, according to the Department of Livestock Services. Moreover, the price of milk is increasing every year no matter whether it is packaged or pasteurised. Back in 2018, the price of pasteurised milk per litre was from Tk 60 to 65. Even in 2021, the price was between Tk 70 and 75. But, now the price has gone up to Tk 90. The price of powdered milk is also skyrocketing.

The dairy sector in Bangladesh is facing many problems. One of the main challenges is that the price of cattle feed is going up unabatedly. Often, cows in our country are not fed quality food. And their production capacity is low because of that. Our local grass is relatively low in protein. And not many farmers are interested in alternative cultivation for better quality grass. Given that milk is a perishable commodity, there is no effective milk collection system in our villages.

Research confirms that milk is a complete food containing all the necessary nutrients for humans. It also serves as a vital source of calcium, essential for strong bones, teeth and disease prevention. Additionally, milk is the foundation for various nutritious products, such as yoghurt, ghee, butter and cheese, which are consumed on a large scale. Disregarding milk in our daily diet can have far-reaching consequences for our nutrition and overall health in the long run. Instead of eliminating milk, our focus should be on how we can make it affordable for all. The government should take immediate action to reduce milk prices, promote local dairy farming, develop temperature-controlled farms so that milk production does not fall. Also, it is necessary to raise awareness about the importance of milk in our diet.

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