This is the first channel dedicated to dairy-related news from India and abroad. It will cover top 7 news from last seven days. The news will be aired on every Sunday. The channel will have expert interviews, market and technical analysis and a lot more sections very soon. News 1 As per Sh Atul Chaturvedi Secretary Department of animal Husbandry, Pashu Aadhar card for 537 million livestock may be a reality in next 2-3 years. The government is inducting latest technologies like block chain to create a high level traceability amongst genomics and animal products like milk and meat. Dairy sector has shown an exemplary growth of over 8% in last few years which is much higher than that of all other horticulture , cereals and grain category put together. Mr Chaturvedi is very positive of bringing in a paradigm shift in dairy sector with the ongoing cattle identification drive. News 2 As per a recent Crisil report on dairy sector in India, Milk butter, ghee , curd, UHT milk, yogurt and related products will be the least effective product mix during covid and post lockdown era. The most effected product categories would the one which have institutional buyers like SMP, Khoya etc. Ice cream, flavored milk and whey based products also got a severe hit due to lockdown. Cheese as a product category got an increase in demand in retail consumption but the gain got set off by the huge drop in sale in HORECA sector. News 3 As per Dr Harsh Bhanwala, Chairman NABARD, Covid -19 may create opportunities for infrastructural reforms in dairy and agriculture sector. Current infrastructure in dairy is either not sufficient or not efficient enough to handle the increasing milk production and processing requirements. In cooperative sector there is an immediate need for modernizing of 75 lakh lpd of milk and developing new facilities for 1.25 crore lpd which may require Rs 5000 crores. As per him small and marginal farmer group is very strong and collectively they own 47% of farm land and 75% of the milch animals. High cost of land does not make large scale farming viable. There is a shortage of Concentrates, dry fodder and green fodder by 39%,36% and 57% respectively. This also requires new infrastructure under reforms. Atleast 60 % of the breedable animals must be serviced with AI. For that total requirement of semen doses will be 200 mn against that only 115 mn are produced currently. The demand for value added products is also going to increase from current 23% to around 30% by 2020 and for that the industry needs to gear up its infrastructure. News 4 As per Sh R S Sodhi Managing Director Amul, the return on Investment by giving advertisements during Ramayana and Mahabharata on DD proved to be 3 times better than sponsoring IPL matches. During Pre covid times Amul kept its Ad spends at less than 0.8% of its turnover with 60-65 % on TV, 20-25 pc on print and rest on digital media. During lockdown Ramayana became world’s largest viewed program with a viewership of more than 77 million on April 16th. It looks as if Amul has advertised in the blue ocean as most of other companies stopped spending on their media spent. News 5 Mr Arun Singhal IAS appointed as Chief executive Officer, FSSAI Sh Arun Singhal , a senior bureaucrat has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), as part of a senior-level bureaucratic reshuffle effected on Friday by the Centre. News 6 Euromonitor research team estimates Ice cream industry in India to be a 17369 Crore business. As per Sh R S Sodhi MD of Amul, almost 60 % of the ice cream sales in India happens from March to June. This year due to lockdown , ice cream industry has already incurred huge loss. Other players who have a large share of their sales through push carts or parlours have not yet started their sales as both of these mode of sales are closed. The only way to make sales of through direct to home delivery and new generation supply chain companies like zomato and big basket are making it happen. Creambell has shut down its smaller unit at Baddi during the same period so as to support its large plants. News 7 In this section of news we shall be sharing with you the latest information on prices and market trends. In a recent auction done at Global dairy trade platform a total of 16787 MT of dairy products were traded . There was a 1% increase in GDT price index over the last 15 days and major demand came from North asia. The price of ghee is 305 rs/kg as against 330-360 per kg in India. Butter at GDT is at 285 rs/kg as against 230-250 rs/kg in India and lastly Skimmed milk powder is sold at GDT for Rs 191 rs/kg as against 230-290 per kg in India. Subscribe to the channel and like and share the visdeos. Do not forget to press the bell icon to receive regular notifications. best regards Kuldeep Sharma Chief editor Dairy news 7X7 channel [email protected]

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  2. A very good initiative, total dairy sector news duly complied will be very handy and informative. Suggested to include dairy ingredients viz Lactose, WPC, Whey powders, Casein MPC, Permeate powder in the news because it also command a good mkt. share in India. International prices and domestic price may be covered apart from other aspects.

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