This is the first channel dedicated to dairy-related news from India and abroad. It will cover top 7 news from last seven days. The news will be aired on every Sunday. The channel will have expert interviews, market and technical analysis and a lot more sections very soon. News -1 World Milk day celebrations 20th World milk day was celebrated on June 1st, 2020 through out the world. In India, it was celebrated at different locations. Sh Dilip Rath Chairman NDDB, appreciated the efforts of dairy fraternity across the dairy supply chain on providing the nutritional security to billions of people around the world. Indian Dairy association organized a webinar on “Engaging migrant workers in Dairying activities” who have undergone reverse migration during COVID-19. Dr G S Rajorhia President , IDA shared his perspective of setting up micro enterprise at villages to stop migration at first place. Everyone in India remembered Dr Verghese Kurien and applauded his efforts for making India a global leader in milk production. News-2 Kisan Credit cards for dairy farmers Indian government will provide Kisan credit card to 15 million dairy farmers. This scheme will be applicable to all the farmers associated with Milk unions and Farmer producer organization. The department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying in Association with Department of Financial services has directed all state milk federation and milk unions for implementation of this coveted program. Currently there are close to 17 million farmers enrolled with 230 milk unions , and pouring milk at around 1.9 lakhs village level collection centers. News 3 The key findings of 21st IFCN International conference showed that milk production growth at 1.4% during 2020 was significantly below the long-term average of 2.3% in 2019. The map shown here describes the national milk price trends for 75 countries in May vs. February 2020. The milk prices on average declined by 4.6% which is not a big crisis. In USA and India farm gate prices dropped by more than 15% from February to May 2020. In USA it has gone up to 29 % drop in prices. In India, it remained stable in almost half of the cooperative’s catchment areas where the largest cooperative Amul is collecting the milk. The outlook for the world milk price in 2020 remains complex, and future markets and the views of analysts are not aligned as quoted by Dr Torsten Hemm Managing Director IFCN (International Farm Comparison Network News 4 Telangana Government will be rolling out 1000 e-mobile outlets for dispensing dairy products. The first lot of 15 such e-outlets have been released by Mr Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Minister of Animal husbandry and Dairy development. The government will collaborate with unemployed youth. Each refrigerated outlet costing Rs 2.25 lakhs will be mounted on an e rickshaw. The sate government is already paying Rs 4 per liter as incentive to the farmers. The minister has a dream to make Vijaya Dairy, Number 1 in the country. News 5 Amul leading the top brands “No need to diversify too much in order to meet the post Covid consumer behavior. Consumption of ghee, cheese, butter, paneer increased by 30-40 % which to large extent helped in setting off the 15% decline in milk demand due to closure of HORECA. Ice cream demand after dropping down to 5% level during lockdown , now will make up to 50% level as that of last year’s same time, Tetra pack milk, ghee and cheese showed highest growth.” These are the wordings of Sh R S Sodhi MD of Amul which is declared as the top Food and beverage brand in the country. Interestingly next two following brands are also in dairy products. News 6 Long awaited IT enabled single point food regulatory and compliance system foscos was launched on June 1st. This system will be replacing the existing Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS). The new platform will integrate all services related to registrations, licensing, renewals, annual returns filing and also be covering a plethora of other services related to compliance and regulatory. A single regulatory platform will act as pan-india integrated response system to any food fraud and ensure an advanced risk based , data driven regulatory approach as mentioned by FSSAI to all of their FBOs. News 7 Global dairy prices On June 2nd 2020 at Global Dairy Trade the overall price index was slightly up by 0.1%. 21968 MT of dairy products were traded during this session. Anhydrous milk fat, Butter and Cheese were the key loosers while WMP and BMP and SMP helped in setting off the fall. FAO price index also fell by around 19.6% as compared tot he last year price index . Subscribe to the channel and like and share the visdeos. Do not forget to press the bell icon to receive regular notifications. best regards Kuldeep Sharma Chief editor Dairy news 7X7 channel [email protected]

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