This title may sound weird , but it is a fact in today’s environment. The government announced lockdown in last week of March 2020 which induced tremors in dairy industry. Most of the dairy companies were not riding the wave of IT led supply chain over online platforms.

Amul has been investing Rs 600-800 crores annually on technology for strengthening its robus supply chain. As per Sh R S Sodhi, MD Amul , it is just impossible to manage a sales of Rs 50000 crores without investing in IT.

Few days back we published a news related tro Mother Dairy using IBM platform to manage its supply chain. Karnataka Milk Federation KMF is planning to expand its ERP to the last delivery point of Kirana store.

Heritage foods also uses IBM infrastructure to manage its supply chain. Today data is the king. Every company is looking at consumer behavior by developing as many data points as possible. Data analytics not only helps manage the past data but also supports forecasting and consumer insights.

India is having over 300 million dairy based transaction on daily basis. Each of these transaction has the capability of sharing consumer insights. It is the need of the hour to make use of information technology to support safe and timely delivery of milk and milk products.

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