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Dairy farmers worried over rumour of Amul entering Tamil Nadu’s milk market

Amul entering in Aavin area rumours dairynews7x7

Farmers attached to Aavin’s primary cooperative societies are worried about a rumour that Gujarat-based Amul milk cooperative was planning to enter the Tamil Nadu milk market.

M.G. Rajendran, general secretary, Tamil Nadu Milk Producers’ Welfare Association said this information was disturbing if true. “Our founder Senguttuvel would always say that competition is good. But in Aavin’s current state, if Amul begins procuring and selling milk, it will lead to the slow downsizing of the former. This three-tier cooperative system, which has been carefully built since the 1970s, would be dismantled,” he said.

Mohammed Ali, State president, Tamil Nadu Milk Producers’ Association, said Amul was a giant compared to Aavin, and they should not compete with Aavin in procurement of milk in the State. “The State government does not bother increasing procurement prices. Farmers spend ₹50 to produce a litre of milk but get paid Rs. 33 for it. Aavin should take steps to get more dairy farmers to return to the cooperative fold and increase subsidy for cattle feed and pay higher procurement prices.”

A milk industry expert, who refused to be named, alleged that there was a lot of mismanagement in the cooperative system coupled with political interference at the primary cooperative society level and district union level. “Political appointees should not be allowed to become chairpersons or office-bearers of these organisations. Only genuine cattle farmers should be allowed to participate in these elections,” he said.

Milk procurement rises

Meanwhile, with the rain bringing down the heat and the flush season beginning, Aavin has been witnessing an increase in milk procurement. It is now fluctuating between 28 lakh litres per day (LLPD) and 30 LLPD. A couple of weeks ago, it was between 26 LLPD and 27 LLPD.

“With favourable climate continuing, we hope to reach normalcy in the next few weeks. By normalcy, we mean 30 LLPD,” sources in Aavin said. Asked about the delay in distributing incentives to farmers, the official replied in the negative.


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On the entry of Amul, another official source said that from their understanding the Gujarat-based cooperative was not planning to expand their operations in the State.

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