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Cruising through the milk ocean with women at the helm

What began as a modest cooperative venture, within a span of just eight years, has turned into the world’s largest dairy firm fully owned by rural women —Shreeja Mahila Milk Producers Company Limited (MMPCL).

Launched in 2014 in the Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) format with its headquarters at Tirupati is now co-owned by a massive 1.09 lakh women from South India. Every woman supplying milk to the dairy is made a proud shareholder of the firm.

The company’s journey began with milk procurement from a handful of villages in the Chittoor district with the support of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Today, its roots have spread far and wide covering five districts of southern Andhra Pradesh, five in Tamil Nadu and one in Karnataka. The secret behind this unprecedented success is the sense of ownership among its shareholders who feel attached to their work.

As a result, it has carved a niche for itself in the dairy-rich southern Rayalaseema region.

Apart from conventional milk, curd and buttermilk, the company has expanded its product line by adding ghee, lassi, paneer and yoghurt to address the diverse needs of the market.

Eyeing a huge potential in this segment, Shreeja recently ventured into this market by taking chilled unprocessed milk from the nearby Bulk Milk Cooling Units (BMCUs) to the nearest urban centres. Named as ‘Milk ATM’, the mobile vending unit was recently flagged off in Tirupati

“Going by the response, we will soon press ten such vehicles into service in Tirupati and explore other Tier III cities in the districts we have presence in,” adds Chief Executive Officer Jayatheertha Chary .

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